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        The other starting positions are James, Christensen, Sartre, Alonso, Kant, Kovac, chic, zieh, Werner and Oddo, which are also the main line-up. Unfortunately, only one goal has been scored in this game. In the second half, aspiriquita and ludig came on as substitutes for the first time, which not only distributed the playing time equally, but also strengthened the defense line, which could give the offensive side more space to attack. After the 60th minute, Lampard sent Lawrence, Mattson, ambadou, Beck and girou on the field, which is also more to try and see the players' state.

        Second, the afternoon of a wave of rapid pull, the contribution of new shares is relatively large. Nevertheless, today's real trading limit of the number of sub new shares is not much, which is also related to the sharp contraction of the day. The number of secondary new shares is large, and the number of newly opened stocks before has soared, which leads to the strengthening of supervision. Whether there will be a new leader in the later stage needs to be considered.


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        A lot of times when the situation changes, it will become nothing like this, or it may become a kind of celebration, so it is inevitable for all parties to accelerate the introduction of aid. So far this summer, it can be said that the most in place, the team is now full of talent, only need to bring in one or two people. The first match of the blue team will be on September 15, when the blues play Brighton away. Fans are looking forward to seeing the performances of hafts, chilville, Tiago Silva, Werner and zieh, among them, they have high expectations for hafts. After joining Chelsea, the player said he couldn't wait to play for Lampard and learn from him because Lampard influenced Hafez during his playing career.



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        Relevant professionals once thought that Messi's physical fitness and running ability were seriously insufficient, and that the team where Messi was in was equal to the lack of half a person. In addition, they also determined that there was no place for Messi in the current elite teams. It is unexpected that Manchester City dare to make such a bold attempt. If Messi finally arrives, it can test whether the professional's prediction is accurate.

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        As the next round of the League will be a direct encounter with Liverpool, so this attempt is obviously impossible to continue to the second round, but the pros and cons of this game is conducive to the next six point game. Last season's problem with Chelsea was the instability of the defence and the goalkeeper's performance. Recently, there has been news that the Blues have included new goalkeepers. Kappa's performance this time is really worrying. Obviously, his self-confidence has been hit. He is too cautious in the game, but he appears a little flustered in the face of threats. The team's only goal was from the opponent's long-range shot, and Kepa couldn't reach it. The data after the game showed that he missed more goals in set pieces and long-range shots than other goalkeepers, which also hit the soft spot of the blue goalkeeper.



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        It should be said that people are looking forward to the combination of Hafez and Werner. I believe that German coach Rafael Loew will also be very optimistic about the two men's joint operation at Chelsea. If the two men can play a high-efficiency partner in the front midfield forward, the national team will also benefit a lot. At present, the new goalkeeper is Milan goalkeeper donaluma, but the possibility of this reinforcement is not high.


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